Monday, June 11, 2018

Learning to Live With Our Imperfections

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Today we are talking about our imperfections and flaws. Everyone has them and everyone struggles in some way or another. It is easy to see our flaws and obsess about them over and over again, instead of finding the positive in our lives. Today's article share from talks about just that: self acceptance and learning to live with our imperfections.

"Self-acceptance means you’ll stop being your own worst enemy. You’ll stop picking on yourself for things no one else even notices. You’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin and have an easier time being true to yourself. You’ll stop worrying so much about what other people think and have more control over the direction of your own life. Accepting also means accepting your limitations. That doesn’t mean you have to give up hope or stop striving to improve. But rather than focusing on things you can’t change, rather than setting impossibly high standards for yourself and setting yourself up to fail, concentrate on what you do well and on all you’ve done to get your self to this point ("

To continue reading the article and learn more about what can happen in your life when you learn to accept your flaws, learn from them and move forward, visit the original article link here.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

9 Ways Yoga May Improve Your Life

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We don't need to go into the full speech on why we think yoga is great and a useful tool in a holistic healing approach. But we did want to share an article from Health Wire that breaks down nine possible ways that yoga can improve your life.

"Although yoga — as well as the pants it has inspired — has become hugely popular in recent decades, it's still not widely acknowledged in a lot of mainstream health and fitness sources.'

'Many people are still turned off by the "new-age" aspects of the activity.'

'Even more find the poses and stretches intimidating, and few men are willing to give it a try.'

'What people who don't practice yoga might not realize is that there is much more to it than body contortions and chanting. Yoga is not just reserved for tofu-eating hippies and acrobats...'

'That's why today I'd like to outline for our readers all the major benefits anyone can get from practicing yoga — including beginners and veteran yogis — as well as how you can easily incorporate them into your life. (HealthWire)"  What are some of those benefits you may ask?

According to this author's opinion they are:
-Stress relief

Don't let any of these things intimidate you. Click on the original article link here to learn more about each one and why giving yoga a try in your life might be worth some of the benefits. To learn more about our holistic and integrative healing processes and how Inner Passages Therapy can help you, visit: today!