Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Contemplating Yoga Around the World

As you know I believe in yoga as medicine by the practice of yoga therapy.  Yoga therapy focuses on individual issues and concerns, which you’re unable to address in group settings. Increasingly, health care and medical care professionals accept, practice, and prescribe yoga therapy due to the significant and growing body of clinical research that documents yoga’s proven health benefits for a wide range of health conditions including anxiety and depression, hypertension, physical conditions such as back pain, inflammation of all kinds, insomnia, brain health, addictions and other compulsive behaviors, and more.

In today's article share entitled 'Contemplating Yoga Around the World' photographer Andy Richter, set out on a mission to deeply explore yoga, including visiting with many masters around the world. This article shares some beautiful images that capture what yoga means to different cultures in our world. Visit the article from the New York Times by clicking here, and see some sample photos below.
Bhandari Baba, a yogi who has been silent over 10 years, meditating in his cave in the foothills above Rishikesh, India.

Students during a weekly yoga class for pregnant teenagers at Thomas Riley High School in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Choosing a Therapist: More About Pauliann

Once you have come to the realization that going to speak to a professional might be the best thing for you, it can become overwhelming to choose a therapist. At Inner Passages Therapy you will not only find a qualified and experienced therapist, but a person who fundamentally believes in the power of trust and dedication. I can help you look inward to mend past hurts, and peel back the layers of emotional scar tissue in order to move forward in the world in more rewarding and healthy ways with your new best friend—you!

I have been practicing as a licensed therapist in the Washington Metro area for nearly 20 years. I am both a problem solver and listener at heart, which led me on my journey to become a therapist, life coach, and holistic medicine practitioner.

As a therapist, I’m not here to judge you, tell you what you did wrong, or place blame. Instead, my approach is to work with you to form a unique partnership with real collaboration and effective guidance in order to empower you.

We work together to create the best therapy program for you—whether it’s traditional therapy and coaching, yoga as medicine, the energy medicines of reiki and meditation, or some combination of all of them. And together, we will resolve what is holding you back from living the life you deserve.

People say you should practice what you preach, and I do. I’ve been there—right where you are—and done this work for myself. And over the course of my professional life, I’ve watched individuals and couples I’ve worked with transform their lives for the better.

My educational background includes:
-Licensed clinical social worker via Masters Social Work (MSW) in Clinical Social Work from Howard University
-200hr and 500hr Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapy, and Reiki Master Certifications from the Institute of Integrative Health at the University of Maryland

I am proud to be a community-based therapist, treating and supporting local clientele. However, we all know how complicated life can be, and I’m able to accommodate tricky schedules—thanks to modern technology—with Skype.

If you want to take the next step and see if I can help you, visit: http://innerpassagestherapy.com/ to schedule your free, 30-minute consultation.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

You Can Make A Difference: Taking that first step

Good morning,

Today we are sharing a relevant article from psychologytoday.com entitled 'You Can Make a Difference: How small steps change the world.' Life can be overwhelming in general but it can be even more overwhelming when you turn on the news or check your newsfeed.

"Today’s political scene, economic markets, global pressures and climate changes could leave one wondering “What can be done?” It seems as if every day the news reports another calamity, another blow to things you may hold dear, or more escalating wars in countries where civilians are being killed by the tens of thousands. The old advice of turning off the nightly news might not work if you are constantly connected to your social media – bad news is coming in over the transom faster than you might be able to read it.'

Source: Pixabay
'In times of experiencing the “what in the world can I do?” feeling, it’s important to remember that you hold your own personal power at every moment. There are many things you control – your actions and reactions, your communication approach and what you say, your treatment of others, your choices and the steps you take. In times of powerlessness, it’s important to find every way you can to exert your positive energy and positive power. Try not to get drawn into the negativity and morass, but rather keep your head level and objective and decide what you CAN do differently. What is the one step you could take? The one thing you can control and influence? Every flap of the butterfly wings has an effect – how much more can you influence as a human being?'

When you start to think you’d be better off staying under the covers someday and just not dealing with any of it, instead resolve to get out of bed and take some of the following steps:"

  • Focus your attention on those things you can control and influence.
  • Take one small step.
  • Find someone to be nice to today.
  • Take that one step you are afraid to take.
  • Remember that life is fluid.'
If you want to read more of the article and learn in detail about each one of this author's five suggestions, please click on the original article link here. If you are feeling down or need help getting your life back on track, help in making a difference or change or are just looking for someone to talk to in confidence then call Pauliann today! You can set up your free 30-minute consultation at: http://innerpassagestherapy.com/

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Understanding Mental Health & How I can Help

Emotional well being, psychological well being, and social well being are all dimensions of mental health, and subject to change under stress. Mental health issues are rarely the result of one event, rather, they often develop over time as the result of linked causes. For example a stressful job, a difficult relationship, or a significant trauma can cause shifts in thinking, feeling, and mood that, in turn, color our perceptions, tax our energy levels, impact our ability to function productively, and challenge our ability connect with others.

Part of my commitment to helping my clients is ensuring we are pursuing a path of happiness, health and wellbeing. Oftentimes, clients begin this process at a difficult and painful point in their lives. They are turning to therapy because they have already reached a stage where they feel overwhelmed, scared, angry, or disconnected. I help clients peel back the layers of emotional pain, which can result from a myriad of experiences. Because I take a holistic approach to therapy we will explore a variety of different practices to generate a completely personalized experience.

Together, we will explore practices aimed at guiding you inward to release pain, anger, and other difficult emotions, and at moving you forward armed with practical tools and methods for dealing with life’s crises and transitions. My training in conventional psychotherapy, integrative medicine, and mindbody practices such as mindfulness, yoga and yoga therapy, breathing practices, coaching, and healing touch, is extensive. I have a broad variety of resources and nearly 20 years of experience from which to draw in serving my clients, assisting them in easing their suffering, helping them heal, reconnecting with their truest selves and their loved ones, and thriving in their lives.

Connect with me today at: www.innerpassagestherapy.com  and fill out the contact form for your FREE 30-minute consultation.