Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Three Meditation Myths that Keep You from a Healthier Life

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Today we are sharing an article from Psychologytoday.com entitled ' Three Meditation Myths that Keep You from a Healthier Life.'

"Meditative practices offer a simple, intuitive approach to improving your life and mental well being, yet many who could benefit from meditation are quickly deterred by misinformation. Meditation is not difficult, it has a huge positive impact on the brain, and anyone can make the time to learn and practice it. What’s stopping you from meditating? Probably misinformation. Here are three myths about meditation that I hope you will overcome to make meditative practice a regular part of your plan for better living..."
(Follow the link to read more and learn about these three practices!)

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Monday, May 23, 2016

7 Myths and 7 Truths about Healing

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We are re-sharing this awesome video entitled 'Caroline Myss: 7 Myths and 7 Truths about Healing.'

Be sure to check it out! http://www.oprah.com/video_embed.html?article_id=63325

If you are looking for help healing in one way or another, please visit our website http://innerpassagestherapy.com/ for more information on how to reach us.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Out With the Old, an article from the New York Times

“The limits of the human capacity for change may be much greater than we, as scientists, have given people credit for.”

Today we are sharing an article from the New York Times about changing several aspects of ourselves at once, versus trying to do it incrementally.

"Experiments involving health and well­-being typically require their subjects to change just one aspect of their lives. Focusing on a single variable like diet or exercise makes it simpler to collect data and draw conclusions. But some researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, recently wondered if this minimalist approach might be shortchanging people’s potential to improve their health. Maybe it’s better to address all of our bad habits at once rather than try to make incremental changes to our lives."

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Lungs, mind, and breath: The positive effects of yoga on asthma

As you know we are more than just therapy...we believe in a holistic approach to navigating through life's ups and downs. As you probably already know, what we feel is a big part of that holistic mindfulness is yoga and meditation. Today we are sharing an article which talks about how yoga can have positive effects on asthma sufferers (among others!).  Take a look at this section from the article and then follow the link below to read the full copy! (Hint: You aren't going to want to miss this one!)

Lungs, mind, and breath: The positive effects of yoga on asthma
If you don’t have asthma yourself, you almost certainly know someone who does. Over 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma’s shortness of breath and fatigue. Even with medical treatment, asthma can take a big toll. Over half of all children and a third of all adults with asthma miss school or work each year due to their disease. A recent Cochrane review suggests that yoga may be a promising way to improve health and well-being asthma patients.

The reviewers identified 15 studies involving 1048 patients. Five looked only at yoga breathing exercises. The other studies included breathing, posture, and meditation. All of the studies compared yoga to either regular care, no care, or “sham yoga”. The studies measured health impact in a variety of ways. Some looked at lung function or amount of medications used. Some tracked rates of bad events like hospital visits. Others looked at overall measures of health like reported symptoms and quality of life.

The reviewers found significant evidence that yoga improves quality of life and reduces asthma symptoms. There was a small amount of evidence that yoga might also reduce the need for asthma medication. Overall, the reviewers concluded that yoga probably improved health and well-being for asthma patients.

To view the rest of the article from cochranecam.wordpress.com, visit: https://cochranecam.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/lungs-mind-and-breath-the-positive-effects-of-yoga-on-asthma/

Monday, May 2, 2016

Yoga for Envisioning a New Life Workshop, tomorrow May 3rd!

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I encourage everyone, friends and clients alike, to consider attending this workshop led by my wonderful mentors, Bonnie Tarantino & Nancy McPartland. I will be there, too!!

This unique class is designed for those experiencing life transitions. You'll discover yogic skills to use during difficult times of change and explore new ways to identify where your body is holding stress or indecision.
Learn yoga postures that are helpful with increasing clarity of thought, as well as assisting in motivating one to take new actions. Discover breathing techniques that are helpful when feeling frustrated. Hear about research studies that validate the efficacy of yoga-based approaches for the treatment of mild depression and perceived stress.

Since this is tomorrow be sure to sign up today if you want a spot!  For more information visit: